LPD Hires Ten New Recruits

ocpa recruits

We are pleased to announce the addition of ten new Recruits to the LPD. On July 14th Recruits Andrew Solomon, Michael Milano, Leomaxi Dilone, Caitlyn Kicki, Justin Burkhardt, Tyler Bennett, Zachary Hatt, Nicholas Cusanilli, Joseph Rusk III and Michael Conrad were hired.

Recruits Milano and Cusanelli were Class II Officers with Lakewood PD prior to appointment and Recruits Solomon, Kicki and Rusk were Class II Officers with Pt. Pleasant Beach PD and Seaside Heights PD. These Officers are already certified by the Police Training Commission and will be assigned to our Field Training Program.

Recruits Dilone, Burkhardt, Bennett, Hatt and Conrad are preparing to start a 5 month PTC certified training program at the Ocean County Police Academy. Upon successful completion of their training, they will increase the LPD ranks to over 140 Officers.

Good luck to all and Stay Safe!